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Hot Water Heater Service In Macon GA

Everyone has experienced from one time to another the shock and discomfort of standing in the shower and having no hot water. This is of course a sign that your hot water heater has one or more issues and needs to be checked out. Hot water heaters are essential for a typical home. Water is warmed in the tank and distributed to the bathroom for showers and shaving at the sink for example. Warm to hot  water is a must in the kitchen for cooking and cleaning duties. The utility room needs warm to hot water for the washing machine to use while  cleaning laundry. If the water heater in your home is leaving you short on hot water do not hesitate to contact us for a water  heater well being check. Sometimes  a part may need to be replaced such as a heating element and the issue is fixed. Water heaters are however appliances with relatively short life expectancies. One will generally last for an average of 8 years before needing to be replaced.  There are signs that you can be aware of to stay ahead of a sudden water heater collapse. If there is water that has leaked and dripped under the tank into the drain pan it is time for a new tank. Leaks will not go away or diminish on their own and will actually worsen over time. If the water in your shower cools down slowly until there is not hot water left it is time for a replacement water heater. A pilot light that need to be relit more and more frequently is a sign of age and wear and tear. If you are having hot water plumbing issues Macon GA Plumbing Co will take you through the process of getting a new hot water heater that you will be happy with satisfaction guaranteed.

Signs you may need a water heater repair & install service

  1. Low water pressure for hot water – mineral build up will slow the flow of hot water
  2. Leaky unit – If you find water to be leaking from your tank.
  3. Rusty, reddish-brown color –  Rust is getting to the water
  4. Loud noises coming from your water heater – If your water heater is making noises that you can hear from outside the room it is in.