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Toilet Repair/Install Macon GA

Toilets are a daily necessity and one that you can’t go long without. Our Macon Ga plumbers can make sure you are not without.  Whether it’s a simple clog or a new toilet installation, our team has your bathroom handled.

There are several indications that your toilet may need some attention. Some signs are quite obvious, like a clogged toilet that won’t flush properly. But other indications are a bit subtler. It’s important that you check around your toilet to detect any issues. If you think you may have a leak or broken fixture don’t hesitate to contact a plumber to assess the issue.

Some common warning signs include:

  • Bubbling noises or groaning sounds from areas around the toilet
  • Water on the floor around the toilet
  • Odd odors in the vicinity of the toilet

If your toilet is consistently trickling water into the bowl, you have a bad flapper. To fix this problem, the flapper needs to be cleaned. Before you begin cleaning, first drain the water from the bowl and tank. If you’ve cleaned the flapper, and this doesn’t stop the trickling you will need to install a replacement flapper.

If you are in the Macon Ga area and have any issue with your toilet plumbing please give us a call 478-607-5571 to get a free quote and schedule for a friendly, knowledgeable, and honest plumber licensed and insured, to come and fix the problem effectively and efficiently.